New Arrows!

More than 20 or so new arrow signs have gone in along the Schuylkill River Trail, and it looked like they were still in the process of painting more this morning!

New arrows painted on the trail near East Falls

I hope this helps with the summer trail traffic. Of course, some pedestrians will likely think the arrows only apply to bicycles and ignore them, still walking on the left side of the trail with their headphones on and dogs on leashes stretching across the trail…sigh…I suppose I often ignore signs too, like those signs on every bridge telling cyclists to walk their bikes. I agree, we should. When there is traffic, I do. But when there is one pedestrian on the bridge, I will admit I usually just slow down and take my cleats out of my pedals so I can get off my bicycle quickly if necessary .There is my confession for the day. I too ignore trail safety signs. But really, should I get off my bike at every bridge? That seems excessive, no?