Biker Beware: Porn filmed along the river?

I was riding home Tuesday afternoon when I saw something odd along the trail between Falls Bridge and Ridge Avenue. First, I noticed the two men with cameras. Then, I noticed the girl (woman?). It was a chilly afternoon, but she was dressed in a small tank top, netted stockings (were they purposefully torn at her butt cheeks?) and shorts that resembled underwear. She was rollerblading, badly I must say (or was she just pretending to not know how?). I put 2 and 2 together and realized they were filming a movie of some sort, but whether it was comedy or porn, I couldn’t say. As I got closer the woman began to skate away, unabashedly gesticulating her butt as she awkwardly lunged forward, bobbing her butt up and down, apparently unaware of the added person in her audience. The “film crew”, however, did notice me, and their sheepish grins belied the nature of the film. This was no comedy…So, biker beware, there is some funky stuff that goes on along the Schuylkill. And if you’re into that sort of thing and find yourself watching one of these questionable “movies” that involves a woman skating along the river and then to the left you see another (fully clothed) woman ride by with a butterfly helmet on, that’s me, chuckling a little as I ride by.


Hurricane Sandy, New Bridge…

It has been so long since I posted that I almost feel silly writing, but here it goes…

Hurricane Sandy luckily didn’t do too much damage to the trail. I’ve been riding in from Manayunk  the last two days, and from there the Schuylkill River Trail is completely clear, save for some small branches and leaves and the detour that has been up under what I believe is the Strawberry Mansion bridge (hopefully fixing the deteriorating trail there, a place I know well, having slipped there in an ice storm once—ouch!). Ken reports that there are 2 downed trees blocking the Lincoln Drive trail. (The first — just past the Henry Ave. overpass — can be climbed over. The second — just past the 100-steps — can be ducked under.) I went running on Forbidden Drive Trail on Tuesday, and there were two downed trees completely blocking the trail between Kitchens and Valley Green Inn, but they were fairly easy to get around.

The other good news on the trail is that the bridge connecting the Schuylkill River Trail to the Fitler Square neighborhood is now complete! Hooray!