Bumpy trails, bleeding heads, boys running with oars, and angry geese…Must be spring!

With the fair-weather crowds, I’ve been riding mostly on the west side of the river. A few more bumps on the trail over there, but when faced with rollerbladers meandering the crowded trails alongside dogs on long leashes and mobs of friends walking side-by-side, I’ll take the bumps. (One can connect to the east side via the East Falls Bridge.) I suppose this will be one up-side when the oppressive heat hits us this summer. We’ll reclaim the trails!

Recent happenings/sightings on the commute include:

A cyclist (on a fold-up) with a bleeding head. She was hit near the Market St Bridge and appeared to be ok, but wow was there a lot of blood. Yikes. Wear helmets and be safe!

A high school crew team running along the trail with oars, yes OARS!, in each hand. What kind of coach sends twenty 16 year-old boys off on an extremely crowded trail to run with giant sticks? I almost stopped to take their picture, but I feared getting whacked in the head.

Poor use of taxpayer dollars example #402,003: A policeman who sits at the Walnut St. entrance to Penn Park periodically in order to tell the occasional cyclist entering to walk their bikes on the nearly deserted ramp to the park.

Angrier than normal geese. Must be mating season. Careful out there!


12 comments on “Bumpy trails, bleeding heads, boys running with oars, and angry geese…Must be spring!

  1. robtannen says:

    I have been walking along the guardrail (not the road side) along Lincoln Drive – it’s a little treacherous and narrow at certain points, but manageable and the construction workers don’t seem to care.

  2. Ken says:

    Is the tree still down on the Lincoln Drive Trail just before you come abreast of Gypsy Lane headed toward the city? I walked my bike around the trunk Tuesday morning and watched another cyclist climb over it. I didn’t come back that way at night.

    I called the Fairmount Park rangers’ line and left a message about it. There’s no telling how long it will take before someone comes out and cuts it up and moves it.

  3. Thanks for calling in to report it. Sorry to not be able to help. I had a tight schedule yesterday with dropping off and picking up my daughter so I drove to East Falls and biked from there, and I’m working from home today. If you take the Lincoln Drive Trail, do report in to let me know, as I am biking in tomorrow.

  4. Ken says:

    The rangers came through. The tree was neatly severed and the trail was clear Wed. morning. It was a beautiful morning by the way. The temperature was mid 40s which was chilly enough to clear the SRT. In the afternoon, I peeled down to my shorts, which was great, but the trail was busier, which was not. Even so, I saw very few bikers today and saw no one while climbing Kitchens Lane.

  5. Ken says:

    Have you seen? The Bicycle Coalition is taking part in a national bike challenge through endomondo. I’m not sure if there are prizes, but the competition aspect has inspired members of local bike clubs to form a “dream team”. 🙂

    In other news, I saw another bike-on-bike accident on the trail Monday at the Falls Bridge intersection. There were plenty of people standing around offering aid so I didn’t stop. Be careful out there.

  6. Ken says:

    The trail is open!!! Yay! It was closed when I rode by this morning, but open when I came home. I didn’t see any evidence that they’ll be back.

  7. Ken says:

    Write me so we have an off-channel way to communicate — I had no intention of stealing your thunder … and reading your blog, I see there was lightning too 😦 ken who is at kress which is an org.

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