A conversation with my spandexed, carbonfiber bicycle-riding, brother

Recently my brother (a real cyclist) found my blog and started commenting. Then, he communicated with his late dog, Guss, and got him to start commenting. When he tired of that, he started emailing and calling me with comments.  I’ll summarize a bit of the conversation here:

Spandexed Brother:  Spandex and carbon fiber bikes……isn’t that just standard bicycling gear?

Me:  Now that depends, doesn’t it? I’ll admit to wearing some spandex from time to time (ok, maybe even a lot). But on a purposeful ride like mine, with my clothes, shoes, laptop and bottles of pumped breastmilk in tow, a carbon bike would just be futile. Besides, if you can’t beat ’em, make fun of ’em, I say! (Don’t worry, I don’t really say that.)

Spandexed Brother:  If you are going to be ready for the SF to NP ride, you need to go back and forth to work like 4 or 5 times per day! Remember the SF to NP ride should just be two or three days at a maximum.

Me:  Umm…

This is referring to our plan to ride from San Francisco to Southern California in two years for my fortieth birthday. I have visions of a fun adventure, stopping at cafes and scenic overlooks. His vision seems different. This needs to be reconciled, or I may not make it past 40.

Spandexed Brother:  I saw lots of nice photos of your bike path……looks pretty tame….

Me:  It is tame. Did I mention I live in an East Coast CITY? It definitely isn’t PCH.

Spandexed Brother:  Another thing you should have added for safety is that professors on bicycles should not try and keep up with the spandex carbon fiber riders…

Me:  Probably true, probably true, but we will not stop trying.

Spandexed Brother:  I am sorry… I just like to tease you…

Me: Really?

Spandexed Brother somewhere in Europe