Where would you rather be?

Where would you rather be?

Well, I think you know where I’d rather be.  Of course, I was on the trail that day, just behind this cyclist when I took the picture and was as happy as could be.  But today, oh nasty today, events of a two-kid-two-parent-two-job family and a dinner meeting got the best of us, and I did not get to ride to work.  And let me tell you, I was grumpy about it.  Not only was the chocolate I ate all day not guilt-free, but while dropping off the kiddos and showing up at work I kept getting “you look nice” comments, which makes me wonder just how terrible I must look on most days.


2 comments on “Where would you rather be?

  1. Andrew says:

    I would personally rather be riding out on the street where the fast action is, passing cars etc….The bike path is much too slow….professors on bikes slowing up traffic etc..

    • Perhaps on the streets in California and Texas, but I think you’d try your best to avoid roads in the city of Philadelphia when you could. If the cars don’t get you, the potholes will, and as you can see from the picture, you can often move a lot faster on the paths than you can in the streets. Even the “real” cyclists here try to use bike paths and bike lanes in the city most of the time and do their road racing rides outside the city limits.

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