One of the downsides…

There are still several downed trees between Rittenhouse Town and  Ridge Avenue that I have to lift my bike over, but the Schuylkill River trail, while dirtier than usual, is pretty clear and drying up.  It was a nice ride in this morning…But then I got to work, feeling good that I beat in the first student who was due in my office, when I realized that I forgot my shoes.  Luckily–or is that unluckily?–it isn’t the first time this has happened, as you might imagine, so I do have some spares.  But since summer just ended, the spare shoes in my office are currently flip-flops.  So, if you see the lady in the fall dress and flip flops, don’t laugh, simply think to yourself, Well at least she got to ride her bicycle to work!  And of course, it could be worse.  I’ve forgotten a change of underwear and a bra before too.  Much, much worse.


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